The staff at plan9films have managed projects of all sizes. Our in house skills and the freelance pool we draw from allows us to stay lean while accommodating all scale of production.

Darryl Kesslar won his second Showcase award for Cinematography for his work on Brett Bell's television drama, Slatland and in 2015, was nominated for a National Screen Award for his photography on the ‘Daniel Romano’ Episode of ‘The Neighbors Dog

Darryl Kesslar has many years of experience for national, provincial and local clients. The skills he brings to any project, whether a small scale video shoot or a full fledged 35mm production, guarantee that you will have no concerns from a visual standpoint. He enjoys getting involved early and collaborating with clients to make the production and post production phases run as smoothly as possible.

plan9films has enjoyed steady growth since forming years ago. We have been able to accommodate post production on many crown, corporate and national broadcast projects including television commercials and music videos for both CMT and MuchMusic.

John and Darryl have been editing for many years. Whether they work separately or combine their talents in the edit suite, their contribution to the smooth completion of a variety of projects has been indelible. All you have to do is watch an hour or two of local television and you are bound to see their efforts showcased for a long list of clients.

plan9films now completed post work on the national drama series Rabbit Fall broadcast on APTN, Vision, Space and SCN. as well as 45 episodes of the music series the neighbors dog.

We have two talented, experienced editors and graphics people.

           John S Mills        Darryl Kesslar

Non Linear digital editing and effects includes digitizing from virtually any source and outputting or mastering to almost any format or digital stream for broadcast, online or mobile.

The team at plan9 has had the opportunity to do special effects in a number of projects. Often, we are there when the planning happens and we can help make the ideas come to fruition. Other times, we have had to 'fix' or enhance visuals in a seamless manner.

For example, we had one client who asked us to entirely remove one character from the finished ad AFTER all the effects and editing were complete - the character had to go for whatever reason - the client wanted it.

It took many hours of motion tracking and even hours of rotoscoping and image manipulation to re-finish the ad so no one could tell that one of the character had been removed. Not only that but the shots were all moving crane or dolly shots so the seamless effect was even more challenging. But, we did it.

Other times, the effects are flamboyant and flashy - we don't mind doing that, too.

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